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Xander Beckett

Xander Beckett

92% practical tips to create a blog and then make money; the other 8% is a personal story and a boss free lifestyle summary.
How to make basic and advanced money. This is pretty cool, but it’s not that easy.

Blogger’s blogger community with a similar idea to talk and talk about bloggers in a special forum for bloggers.
Entrepreneurs, start-up companies, online marketing tips for business.

This site is not limited to technology, fashion, travel, finance, or any other kind of blog. SML is suitable for everyone with all kinds of blogs and websites.

Complete ‘How-To’ of inbound marketing to increase traffic, sales and brand value
Exclusive trading & discount for your blog. (How do you get discounts on cool new tools?)

Free video guide and tutorial to make complex blog technical terms easier. (This is new but steadily growing.)
Affiliate Marketing Handbook & Blog Scientist’s tough WordPress eBook by Xander (Download over 8K ever!)
You can learn blogs on the go with iOS App and Android App. (Yah! I believe that is the future …)

I borrowed a credit card from a friend and purchased the domain Xander Beckett.com on December 1, 2008. Requesting a credit card from someone was not easy, but we all have one such friend.

Do not we ??

It turned out that having started as a little fun is an experience that transforms the greatest life for me. Over the past nine years, Xander Beckett has become more than just a popular blog.

The number of subscribers is close to 1 million, which has a positive influence on the lives of many people.

The popularity of this blog is not due to being introduced in numerous awards and international media. It changed the lives of many people applying these techniques.

This community helped many individuals become their bosses through the Internet. This is done by first financially independent, and by experiencing the true meaning of life.

If you have never blogged before, please do not mistake it as another thing. It is a powerful tool that you can exercise more than anything, so that your words will reach everyone in every part of the planet.

Always remember:

With your words, you have the power to change the world.
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Xander Beckett is a perfect community for people who are passionate about discovering themselves through blogs and those with outstanding desires in this rapidly changing online world that change rapidly.

Many people think blogs are writing your personal story, but that is not totally true. If you mix energetic work and your hard work, you can earn a living from your blog. This is all about XanderBeckett.com.

Xander Beckett is the answer to:

How to earn money online?
How can I quit my job and become my boss?
How do you make an authoritative website and make yourself online and offline?
Again, this is very specific.

Xander Beckett has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. They are earning money from blogs now, they are their own boss.

You can see some credit and user comments here.

About tough Agrawal (It is me)

I am the heart behind Xander Beckett.

I sometimes use big words, but I am a very simple person who loves to simplify complex things.

I completed primary education with Laxman Public Scheool in 2004 and in 2008 I got a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Sharda University. Before becoming a professional blogger, I worked at Convergys in India. One of the turning points in my life is refusing Accenture’s recruitment pursuing my journey as a professional blogger.

I started a blog from my passion for learning and sharing. I learned about my blog in 2006. It took about 2 years to start the first blog.

I began using the BlogSpot platform, and within two months I moved to WordPress.

I learned through blogging that it is a wonderful medium to share my favorite things with the world. Initially, I started writing random things, but later I found a way to blog money. I discovered “way” to become my boss by the power of the Internet. This was when I started to share what I was working on.

That is how Xander Beckett was born.

The blog gave me a feeling of freedom I do not know. Currently I travel around the world, living everywhere & anywhere (“digital nomads”), “free” life.

I am introverted, but now I speak in front of hundreds of people at events and seminars. (It still trembles me.) I believe that I can do it because there are meaningful things to share.

The cool thing is,

Even my blog was worth receiving an award from my university.

Entrepreneurship Prize

I am convinced that you know how difficult it is to get something from college if you graduate. Getting an “entrepreneurial award” was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

When I am not at the computer, I love travel & adventure sports. In my words

  • Who is Xander Beckett? A 34-year-old man who loves everyone’s feet and wants to share that love with others 🙂