How to Start a Blog and Make Money Step By Step

So you want to create a money making WordPress blog …

Congratulations! You are at the right place. WordPress is an excellent solution to start a blog, besides, we believe that blogs are incredible!

Better yet: it is also surprisingly simple to create a WordPress blog. That’s why we say you can do it in less than 15 minutes.

But as simple as it is to start with WordPress, knowing what you should do and how you can do it is still important so you do not waste your time.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Step By Step Guide

That’s why we made this guide.

We will show you every step you need to take to start a blog using WordPress hosted on yourself. And we will do it with tons of screenshots and instructions for beginners.

How to create a #WordPress #blog in less than 15 minutes

However, just a quick note. This guide is not about using Instead, we’ll show you how to start your own blog with self-hosted WordPress so you have full control. This is our recommended approach.

If you are not sure what the difference is, you can read this publication for more information on the differences between and WordPress.

If you want to create a blog, here is a simple step-by-step guide:


  1. Sign up for web hosting (I recommend Bluehost For WordPress).
  2. Choose a hosting plan.
  3. Choose a domain name for your blog.
  4. Complete your hosting registration.
  5. Install WordPress.
  6. Log in and write your first blog post.

None of these steps requires in-depth technical knowledge and we will show you the whole process of how to set up a blog in detail.

Once you have started your blog, you probably want to start writing and probably modify its appearance / functionality. To help you do that, we’ll also show you how:

  • Write your first blog post using the WordPress editor
  • Change the look of your WordPress blog using a “theme”
  • Add functionality to your blog using tools called “add-ons”

As long as you know how to use sites like Facebook and have general confidence when it comes to “web things“, you can follow this guide. We promise!

Step 1: Purchase hosting and your domain name

Making your blog accessible to people around the world requires two things:

Hosting – this is the engine that drives your site. While you do not “see” it, all Internet websites have a host that feeds it.
Domain: it’s like the permanent address of your blog. For example, ours is Check out this post if you need help finding a good name.

You can buy your hosting and domain at the same time, so do not worry too much about the essential details at this time. But before you can do that, you must choose a WordPress host. Due to the popularity of WordPress, there are a lot of WordPress hosts.


We have personally tested the performance and reliability of these hosts. And after that test, we recommend BlueHost to the new WordPress bloggers.

This is why:

  • It’s affordable You can host your site for the price of a café latte every month.
  • You can easily install WordPress. With just a few clicks, you can start WordPress software and have a blog that works. No technical knowledge is required!
  • It loads quickly and is reliable. For the money, Bluehost offers excellent performance in terms of speed and reliability.

In total, it will cost you around $3.95/mo to host your blog on Bluehost throughout the year.


That’s the cheapest thing you can get if you want to create a WordPress blog.

How to register for WordPress hosting on Bluehost:

To begin, click here to go to bluehost. If you scroll down on that page, you should see a list of the WordPress hosting plans for bluehost.


For beginners, we recommend the cheap start plan because it has a lot of power for its budding blog. Click on the START button to start the process:

On the next screen, enter the domain name you want to use for your blog and click Continue next:


In the final screen, you must enter the basic account and billing details at the top:


As you scroll down, you will see a Purchase Information section at the bottom. If you wish, you can change the billing period and add additional services.

We do not believe that these services are necessary, however:


All inclusive, you must pay around $ 72 for your domain name and one year of hosting.

Once you have completed all the information, click PAY NOW at the bottom to complete your purchase.

Step 2: Install the free WordPress software

If you want to create a WordPress blog, as is logical, you must install the WordPress software.

We know this may sound a bit intimidating, but we think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to install WordPress.

When you completed the registration process in the previous step, you should have received a Bluehost email with details on how to log in to the Bluehost Customer Area.

Go ahead and log in to Bluehost.

As soon as you log in for the first time, you should see a pop-up window that says something like Welcome to our website setup wizard! Its better Watch this video here below.

Step 3: Go ahead and write your first post on the blog. You won it!

Now that you’ve learned how to create a WordPress blog, you’re probably excited to get to blogs!

We’ll show you how to change the look and functions of your blog in a second. But first, let’s see how easy it is to write a blog post on your new website.

When you log in for the first time in the WordPress panel of your blog, you should see a screen like this:


To write a blog post:

  • Hover over Posts
  • Click Add New

This will open the WordPress editor. If you feel comfortable using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you should feel at home in this interface.

We encourage you to explore and have an idea of how to use this interface. But here are some basic things you can do:

  1. Add a title at the top
  2. Write the text of your blog in the main edit box.
  3. Add format to your blog post using the toolbar
  4. Insert images using the Add Media button
  5. Add a category using the right sidebar
  6. Publish your blog post by clicking Publish

Step 4: Here is how to change the appearance of your blog

When you create a WordPress blog, one of the main benefits you get is access to the huge collection of WordPress themes and add-ons. Here is a quick description of the two:

Themes – These change the look of your blog

Add-PluginsThese add functionality to your blog

We will cover the first in this section.

As soon as you create a WordPress blog, you already have an active theme. This is the default WordPress theme or theme that you chose during the Bluehost Installation Wizard.

But there are actually thousands of themes available for WordPress, so it’s not limited to that small selection.

Where to find WordPress themes for your blog

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

When choosing a WordPress theme, you must choose between free and premium themes. There is no inherent difference between the two, but premium themes often have more detailed designs and features.

To find free themes, the best place to look is the official themes directory. Another solid option is Just Free Themes for a more curated approach.

To find premium themes, you will need a broader approach. Some good options are:

1. Thrive Themes a big directory of premium themes.

2. Sitemile Themes Loved by over 30.000 customers. Auction Theme, freelancer theme, microjobs theme, rental booking theme etc.

How to install a WordPress theme?

Once you have found a theme that you love, WordPress makes it easy to add that theme to your site.

That is how:

Scroll on the appearance
Select topics
Click on the Add new button

Step 5: Here is how to add functionality to your blog

While the themes are mostly about aspects, the add-ons are more focused on helping you add functionality to your blog.

When you create a WordPress blog for the first time, you almost only have the ability to write blog posts and create pages.

The complements are those that allow you to add more advanced features such as:

Contact forms
Social network buttons
Improved SEO
And a lot lot more.

If you can think of a feature, there is probably a complement for it. This is because the WordPress community offers more than 50,000 free add-ons, plus there are thousands of premium add-ons.

Where to find the WordPress plugins for your blog

As in the themes, you can find free and premium add-ons.

Keeping the similarities, the best place to look for free add-ons is in the official add-ons directory.

For premium add-ons, the best method is usually to search Google for something like the “best X add-on” and buy from a well-known developer.

They must have WordPress plugins for all sites

While there are many niche add-ons that are only good for specific uses, there are some WordPress add-ons that all sites, including blogs, must have. These are some of our suggestions:

  1. WPForms
  2. Optimole
  3. WP Super Cache
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. Word security
  6. Jetpack by
  7. UpdraftPlus WordPress backup add-on plugin
  8. Google Analytics for WordPress
  9. Social Networks Share Buttons and Analysis

Many free SEO Help plugins listed on also offer premium versions with more features.

How to install WordPress plugin?

We already wrote a detailed guide on how to install the WordPress plugins. But here is the quick version:

Go to Plugins → Add New
If you chose a free add-on on, look for the add-on by name and click Install now.

If you purchased a premium plugin add-on, click on the Upload add-on button and upload the ZIP file you should have received when you purchased the plugins add-on.


Be sure to activate the plugin after installing it.

You can always manage your existing wp plugins by going to the Add-ons tab:


What to do after creating a WordPress blog

Well, then he managed to create a WordPress blog, install his own theme and add some features with add-ons.

Whats Next?

Well, the world is your oyster! But if you are like most people, you probably want to look for ways to:

Get more visitors to your blog
Earn money with your blog.

And if you are a blog beginner, you may be interested in the 44 things that our team of bloggers would like to know before starting a blog. You can read all these blog tips here.

You will probably also want to create a blog content strategy and discover how to create new ideas for blog posts.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Step By Step And if you look for everything in one place, we write a complete guide on how to grow a personal blog.

Find your Domain Now.

Get out now and make your new WordPress blog a success! Now in the next post i will teach you where you can make money online and how to join those affiliate websites.