Is survey junkie a legitimate site? Review and Test

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Is survey junkie a legitimate site? Review and Test
Would not it be good to make money without leaving the comfort of your home? And what about influencing the design of new brands, recipes or political opinions while you’re at it?
Filling simple online surveys can be one of the easiest ways to make money online, so we will show you the best options available.
SurveyMonkey: The World’s Most Popular Free Online Survey Tool
What is the Junkie survey?
Survey Junkie is an online community and a survey company that provides information to market research companies. That input is used to improve products and services sold to consumers. Some of its partners include MySurvey, Pinecone Research and Vindale Research. It is the research companies that design the surveys.
You can think of Survey Junkie as a kind of online focus group. The company was launched in 2005 and has more than 3 million Survey Junkie members.
Check in
It’s easy to join Survey Junkie and get started. You must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia. You provide your email and certain demographic information, including certain information about your consumption habits that will allow Survey Monkey to partner with surveys where your opinions are most useful.
Some demographic data are more valuable than others and will have access to increasingly lucrative surveys. You do not need to provide a phone number, so you do not have to worry about annoying sales calls.
It requires patience, as it may take some time, but it can often be a quick way to earn money while watching TV or listening to music. Surveys are not a plan to get rich (hourly rates will never reach anything like a regular salary), but many people are able to idly convert online forms into ordered sums for vacations, home improvements or their new wardrobe.
If you register in several sites, you are increasing your chances of real money. By being a member of more than one panel, you can expect a variety of jobs. These are our five favorite survey websites to earn money, followed by a complete guide to the top 23 free survey sites.

  1. MySurvey. …
  2. InboxDollars. …
  3. Swagbucks. …
  4. Prize Rebel. …
  5. Global Test Market. …
  6. Vindale Research. …
  7. Pinecone Research. …
  8. Opinion Outpost.
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