How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

New to the world of work from home? Are you worried about making the jump to work at home because you are afraid that you have to spend money to make money?

You can relax! The truth is that there are many ways to get an income from your home, a full time income, not less, that do not require any financial investment. I will break down the main types of remote work for you, share legitimate work opportunities at home and even show you how to avoid scams.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Let’s dive in.

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Do you want to work from home but can not afford a big investment? Without worries! Here is how to make money online without paying anything! #workathome #makemoney #jobsEmployee Work
One of the holy grails of work from home work is to get an employee position with an online company. In these positions, you are not an independent contractor or an independent professional.

Make money online without investment

You are a make money online without investment work at home employee and get all the benefits involved, from your employer handling your taxes to a large number of benefits, such as health and PTO coverage and paid vacations. You can also enjoy a greater sense of security, since you traditionally have a job and do not worry about the end of the project or contract for which you were hired.

How to find an employee’s job is like getting a traditional job, you should never pay anything to get one. You just applied! There may be some companies that require background checks, and those for which you will have to pay, but that is the only legitimate expense that may be required.

Here are some jobs of employees for your consideration:

Alorica at Home – Alorica provides outsourced communication solutions and is a popular choice due to its flexible scheduling as demonstrated through the hiring of students and retirees, among others.

American Express: American Express hires both customer service representatives and travel agents to work for them from home; They take pride in their 24-hour concierge service for their members.

Hilton @ Home – Hilton hires both sales specialists and customer service representatives, so you can find the paper that best suits you, both of which include helping people with their hotel reservations.

Sitel Work at Home: Sitel offers more in customer service work, like Alorica, they are an outsourced customer service solutions company, although they only hire certain states (see if their status is on the list here).

SYKES – SYKES also hires customer service agents to handle incoming calls and help their customers and, like previous companies, also offer paid training.

You can get more information about the jobs of remote employees and find more companies that hire employees to work from home in my publication here.

Independent work contractor
You’ll find that the most prevalent online job offers online make you an independent contractor: you get paid an agreed amount for a project or contract, and that’s it. They do not handle your taxes, you have to keep up with that. You do not receive any benefit. However, often, you get an incredible amount of control over your agenda, which makes independent work a very robust option for those who only have small non-consecutive time windows to work (stay-at-home moms) or for those who do not have conventional hours (at night). Owls!).

Not only should you not have to pay anything for the work of an independent contractor, unless you choose to obtain certification to open your job options, but you should never give away any work for free when you offer a job or seek a contract. Do not work on specifications, that is, do not create a finished job before the client formally agrees to pay you.

Writers and artists, especially not write or design for someone who promises a great exposure and nothing more, remember, the exhibition is something that people die.

Here are some works by independent contractors for your consideration:

Independent writing: you can write anywhere, at any time, to find paid works working through a service (such as BKA content or through scripts) or verifying workboards (such as ProBlogger).

Transcription: there are many companies that hire transcriptionists; Take a look at the 23 companies here that welcome beginners, and this is a job where you can become a career by specializing in medical or legal transcription (which involves certification).

User tests: you will not earn a living wage in this way, but it is good money for concerts, especially if it falls in the most specific demographics and you can get many tests. $ 10 for 20 minutes of your time is not a bad proportion: find 13 legitimate user test companies here.

Teaching English: this industry is growing rapidly: every time I turn around, I seem to find another English-as-a-second-language tutoring company; most have relaxed requirements (you only need to be a native English speaker), but many also require a college degree. Here are 18 companies to consider.

Moderation: There are so many ungovernable communities on the Internet, from social networks to message boards and comment sections, that many large companies need help to moderate those spaces and ensure that community guidelines are followed. Take a look at companies like ModSquad and ICUC for vacant positions.

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