Best Website Themes For Integration to Mediaalpha, Katch Media, Surehits, Brokersweb

I am looking for someone who can design a website that compiles a simple zip code for an affiliated car insurance website, and then integrates with any of the katch media codes, mediaalpha or Surehits (quinstreet) where their code is located in my Web site. After the user submits their zip code, the offer will be directed to another URL of my choice. I need to have the ability to have multiple landing pages, some of them direct to website A, others to website B, etc.

Best Website Themes For Integration to Mediaalpha

Best Website Themes For Integration to Mediaalpha

Best Website Themes For Integration to Mediaalpha

I would also like to add the ability to redirect a back button and add notifications.

I will need the ability to change this home page for specific media locations. So some of the landing pages do not have the redirect back button, or the mediaalpha / surehits / brokersweb code as well. Yes, I also want to be able to add a phone number to the page and be able to edit it easily.

If you have experience in code integration in websites that work with mediaalpha, katch / surehits / brokersweb, it would be a great advantage. I will also add many more websites such as life insurance, health insurance, etc. In the near future. For the redirection of backbutton, I would like the best solution that can work with most browsers and be up-to-date, as browsers change constantly and affect the ability to use this script.

Surehits insurance affiliate



I have scripts to collect a zip code and send it to another page, and I have also found some for the back buttons, but I would also like to receive advice if there is something better. I need someone who knows how to optimize for each browser. Insurance site wordpress themes and who also optimizes for mobile devices.

Skills: HTML, PHP, Website Design, WordPress, XML

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