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subeshHello, No i am not living in Singapore. My name is Subesh Gupta from Asansol and I am the founder of this blog,

The purpose of this page is to explain to you the background story about how I first started to make money fast from the Internet (PPC). But first lets talk about $100/day income system. Click here below to detail about my Automated Recurring Income System.

This step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog will help you set everything up in 10 minutes or less! We will cover how to choose a blog platform, get a domain name, set up a web hosting, choose a blog topic and everything you need to start.

Now, we earn more than $ 100,000 per month in blogs and help thousands of people every month to start a blog they love: the first step to becoming a full-time blogger.


We wrote this free guide to help you learn how to start a blog without any website coding skills or having to pay an expensive web developer to create a website to do it for you (because who has an additional $ 2,000 out there? ?)

UPDATE: Dreamhost has given us a special discount for our readers! Now you can set up your blog for only $ 2.59 / month! It also comes with a FREE domain name!

These are legit ways for you to make money while you sleep with something that fits your passion, experience, or skill-set.

But First, I Tell You Why i am quit my job!!

How I Started Making Money From The Internet?

Well, then this post is going to be EPIC. It will guide you through how to do EVERYTHING Make sure to save / pin this, and go back to it today.


The following is a step-by-step guide. And trust us when we say this: If we can do it, anyone can!

If you have not already done so, click here to start a blog with Dreamhost. Then use the tutorial below to get simple instructions, step by step.




Step 1. Understand your why to start a blog

14 months ago, I were just a frustrated young professionals looking to earn money online and escape 9-5.

We were tired of chasing fleeting weekends and vacations that never lasted long enough.

In less than a year, we started our first blog,, completely from scratch and turned it into a machine to make money.

You can see the income reports on our blog and they will show you that we have an average of around $10,000/ month with our little health and life insurance blog. But it’s not just money. This is what this blog has done for our LIFE the most important thing.

We can wake up every morning, drink our coffee and design our days completely. We have been able to visit the family more often and travel to countries like Singapore and Bali and still work while having fun!

We share our story with you because your “why” is so important when you start a blog.

The potential he has with his new blog business is ENDLESS, and with it, he can:

Earn more money than a regular salaried job. (If making money is what you want.)

Work from home or while traveling. You can work from wherever you want, either at home with the children from your comfortable sofa with a blanket or on a white sand beach somewhere!

Become an author (even in the NY Times Best Seller). Many famous authors started creating blogs to create an audience and then launched their books to the world. Examples include Jenny Lawson, Mark Manson and dozens of others.

Become a famous internet. Many bloggers have taken advantage of an audience to get a little (or MUCH) Internet fame. And what’s wrong with wanting to be a little more known?

Only enjoy the mental relief that comes from writing. There is no need to have a great plan to be famous. Just writing for your blog for therapeutic relief is not uncommon.

Finally get FREEDOM. Whether it’s free time to spend more time with your children or to travel more or financial freedom of a salaried employee of 9 to 5 with bosses. That’s why we started. It’s hard to describe how good it feels to be free of all that.

Today we want to show you how to start a blog and how to start designing your own life!

Step 2. Choose the right blogging platform and the blog hosting company

WordPress against other blog platforms
There’s a lot of fuss lately about whether to use website builders like Wix or Squarespace compared to using WordPress and it really is not even in discussion about why every blogger should start with WordPress.

Wix and Squarespace are great for creating websites, but they are not ideal for creating BLOGS.

WordPress is the best platform for blogging because …

1.Power 30% of the entire internet. Yes! 30% of all websites you have visited were created with WordPress.
2. It was founded on May 27, 2003. With age comes wisdom. Like his grandfather, WordPress has been there and he has done it. He often understands what you need better than you need!
3. Due to its widespread use, support and customization are AMAZING. Tens of thousands of different themes, add-ons and options are available. Wix and Squarespace have very few options for themes, add-ons and other customization because they serve more websites, not blogs specifically.
4. It allows you to climb. If your blog became very popular one day and you were on a platform like Wix or Square space, God helps your soul. They are not made for that level of traffic and it would be a nightmare to deal with them. Start with the end in mind!

It is perfect for beginners. WordPress is very easy to use and comes with a one-click installation with Dreamhost!

It is for these reasons and more that WordPress is the best blogging platform there is now.

Now, with a great blogging platform, you will also need a great host. In terms of the Internet, the blog platform, WordPress, is what you use to build your house, while the host is the land where you place your house.


Why Host With Dreamhost?

First, they are incredibly cheap! You can start a blog with Dreamhost for only $2.59/month when you sign up (that low price is only through our link)!

It also comes with a FREE domain name! This is so important at the beginning before you are making enough money to cover your expenses.

Dreamhost is also incredibly easy to use for beginners. The process to start a blog can be a bit confusing when you start talking about domain names, hosting packages, etc. Our step-by-step tutorial below contains images, and we even set up a new domain just to show you how it works. .

Finally, Dreamhost also offers a full guarantee on their hosting packages. If you sign up for 12 months or more and decide it’s not right for you, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase!

There really is no risk.

How do I start a free blog?

First of all, you DO NOT want to do that. This is why.

Let’s talk briefly about free vs. self hosted. There is blog hosting and free plans (think of, but there is also a reason why 99.9% of profitable blogs do not run on them and why you should not use them …

1.He looks incredibly careless.

2. Customization are limited.

3. You are limited in how you can monetize your blog (without ads, friends!)

4. Websites are slow (nothing is more frustrating than a slow website).

5. I personally know ZERO successful entrepreneurs who use them.

If you want to know a little more about the differences and why free blogs are a mistake if you want to take your blog business seriously, see our video on vs. (free or self-preserved blogs).

Due to these obvious flaws, in this article we will focus on self-hosting (think of Dreamhost), because that is the ONLY way to start a successful blog (compared to a hobby blog).

The difference really is only $2.59 per month, so you can not afford NOT to go with self-hosting!

So let’s set up that domain and hosting! What is a step-by-step process without a real demonstration?

Step 3. Get a domain name and web hosting

Click here or on the photo below with our bright and shiny faces below to begin the process, and then follow the step-by-step instructions below to set up.

Here we will show you every step we take to register the domain name:

We also have the steps described below in a video version for some of you who learn best visually. The video can be found on our YouTube channel, below.

First, go to, if you have not already done so. Make sure you have the page up in a separate window before beginning the tutorial.

After clicking on the button to start on the home page, you will see a list of pricing options.


Next, choose which price plan is best for you. Do not worry, you do not need anything more than the BASIC plan.

Keep in mind that the lowest price of $ 2.59 per month is if you register for the longest contract period of 36 months (paid in advance). We recommend that you go ahead and take advantage of this low price plan, and here we explain why:

You can cancel without risk for 30 days. Dreamhost offers a guarantee, and you can cancel your plan at any time during the first 30 days and get a full refund.

Signing for a longer plan represents a commitment you are making to your blog and to yourself. Commit to making this a long-term agreement that will reap you TONS of rewards in the coming years!
It also guarantees that you will not increase the price of your accommodation during that time.
After selecting your plan, you will want to enter your new domain, as shown below:


If you have trouble creating a blog name, remember not to complicate it too much. It is the content, not the name that really matters.

You can also try some using the Bluehost domain name verifier below:

Enter your domain in “new domain” (you can see where we insert and press next. Fill in your contact information and then go to the information section of the package.

FIRST – Select your account plan. This is where you select the LENGTH of your plan. As we said earlier, we recommend the 36 month plan, because it provides the best VALUE.

NEXT: it is possible that some of the boxes on this page are already marked, but the only option we recommend is the “Protection of domain privacy“. Adding this feature ensures that your personal information as the owner of the website remains private.

Finally, all you have to do is add the details of your credit card, consult the Privacy Policy and the standard Terms of Service, and press the green button.

Congratulations! Now you own your own website!

It’s not too painful, right?

The following steps will direct you to create your password before you start with anything else. Be sure to create a secure password!

Okay, let’s start with WordPress!

Step 4. Set up WordPress and choose a theme

Dreamhost made it easier than ever to start using WordPress. Actually, they eliminated a couple of steps in this process, so it will be overcome in a short time.

Here’s how to install WordPress from your DreamHost panel. It also details the additional features you receive if you choose the free installation ‘Deluxe’.

Before installing
Before installing WordPress, make sure your domain is fully hosted and that your web directory is empty. If there are any files in it, including hidden files, the installation will fail.

This is only a problem if you have uploaded files to the site in the past. If this is a new site that you just added to your DreamHost panel, you can skip this step.

To verify if your web directory is empty, log in with any FTP client. See the following article for instructions:

Overview of FTP and credentials
Next, make sure that the FTP client is configured to see the hidden files.

How do I show the hidden files in my FTP client?
Log in and click on the directory of your website. Most likely, it will be named just like your website. The directory must be completely empty. If you observe any file, make a backup or move them to another directory. Only when the directory of your site is empty, you can proceed with the installation of WordPress.

Installing WordPress


1.To install WordPress in DreamHost, log in to your panel and go to the One Click Facilities page in One Click Installations.

2. From the list of installations with one click, select ‘WordPress’.


3. Enter the following:

  • Install in: select the domain in which you want to install. The second text box is if you want to install it in a subdirectory (if you do not want it to be stored in the main directory). For example, if you want to be installed on, first select in the first drop-down menu. In the second text box write on the blog.
  • Select database: you probably want to ‘Automatically create database’, as this creates a new unique database for your site. You can also choose an existing database if you wish.
  • Deluxe installation: it is recommended to check this box if you want the additional features mentioned below. This is a free addition to your installation.

Click Install it for me now! button. Within 15 minutes, an email will be sent to the main email address in your DreamHost account. This email details the steps to follow to complete the installation.

How to log in to your WordPress site?

After installing WordPress, you will receive an email to the primary email address in your DreamHost account. This email lists the steps to follow to complete the installation.

When WordPress finally runs on your site, you can log in to it at: or

WordPress is the most POWERFUL blog resource on the web today and offers people who have no experience in coding the ability to create beautiful websites.

Commit yourself to learn the ins and outs of WordPress, and it will be very useful in the future.

And if every day he focuses on creating amazement, in 2 months, he will be surprised at how skilled he will be!

Option 1: use free WordPress themes or other free themes

Free themes are a good place to start if you are a beginner blogger, but they will lack some of the tools that a paid theme offers you. If you have an additional $ 50 – $ 100 to invest, then choose a paid theme. If you feel stretched at this point, we get it. Rock a free theme for about a month and get used to the platform.

You can use one of the free themes that WordPress has pre-installed in the “Appearances” and “Themes” tabs. Simply click on customize to change themes.

There are also a lot of free themes. Here is a large list of them that you can try.

If there are free themes, why would I want a paid theme?

The paid themes are generally much more powerful and customization than the free themes.

This is because they will have a full support staff dedicated to helping you and making sure you succeed. They are also used by 95% of people who run profitable blogs.

Having said that, to start playing with some free themes is perfectly fine. It will get your feet wet and help you start to understand WordPress better.

Warning: there are many bloggers who recommend starting your blog with Genesis Framework (the most powerful and fast WordPress theme). These people seek to get PAID, and anyone who remotely suggests that it is a good basic subject for beginners is out of their damn mind.

Do not use that theme to begin with, unless you are an expert in technology and are ready to face a few headaches. It will leave you frustrated at the beginning and will leave around $ 250 for the whole package.

Option 2: Save time and get a better design with a payment theme

Here we have a couple of recommendations:

  1. Thrive Themes
Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

Thrive Theme is incredibly customized and very easy to use. It is our number 1 recommendation and what most of our new bloggers in our Blog Launch Course are using. You can easily customize the layout of your home page and other pages on your website and have excellent customer service.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions, so there is absolutely no risk of trying.

When you buy theme, you also have access to the entire Thrive Theme market, which includes more than 70 themes to choose from if you do not end up loving thrive. This theme is fast becoming the # 1 new topic in the market for bloggers!

   2. Sitemile Themes


The Sitemile theme is what we use personally during the first months of our blog. At the time we used it, it had fewer customized than today, and that was the reason why we finally switched to another topic. BUT it has been updated and now it comes with MUCH more customized and less of a learning curve.

While it is a bit cheaper than Thrive Theme, it is a little less friendly for beginners than Thrive. However, it is still a GREAT topic and it is our recommendation # 2 in our Launch Course of your blog.

Work on the selection of the right business topic for you, but do not analyze it too much! If you have spent more than 2 or 3 hours selecting a theme, just choose one and move it for a while.

  1. Classified Ads Theme
  2. Sport Theme
  3. Auction Theme
  4. Freelance Website
  5. Insurance Website Theme
  6. Food and Drinks Theme

So we did that … At this point, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but I wanted to make sure you have all the resources at your disposal.

The next steps: launch your new blog!

There are two main steps you should focus on before you can start thinking about monetizing your blog …

Create content for your blog

Most people (including us when we started) make this simple mistake when they start creating content for their new blog:

A successful blog is NOT about you. It’s about creating value for other people.

Therefore, your first publications should focus on the things that other people want and need. The good thing is that finding the content that other people want and need is quite easy when you use some of the useful tools that can be found on the Internet.

Some of our favorites are: the Pinterest search engine and the Google Adwords keyword planner

You want to take the keywords you find and use them to create content that can be shared. Our three favorite types of content that are incredibly shareable:

Procedures publications (How to train your dog effortlessly)
Listicles (10 main ways to train your dog to go to the bathroom)
Testimonials (How Suzy trained his dog in 10 days)
These are the types of content that people LOVE and also LOVE to share.

Direct traffic to your blog

Another common mistake that we see new bloggers commit is to try and start and manage 5 different social media profiles.

Being good on social networks has to do with the approach.

For new bloggers, we personally use and recommend Pinterest and YouTube. Both are search engines, which means you have the ability to generate a lot of organic traffic (also FREE) over time, if you’re doing well.

You can use any social media platform that you like or feel comfortable with, but be sure to think about the following when deciding which platform (s) to use:

  1. Where your target audience hangs (see where your friends are!)
  2. How easy it is to remove them from the platform (some are much more difficult than others for people to leave the platform and enter your blog)
  3. How much you really like the platform (will spend some time in it, so do not choose a platform that you do not like).

Try not to complicate it too much. Start with 1-2 platforms at the beginning. Work towards one’s domain before changing your focus to another. One of our favorite quotes regarding this is …

A cat of all trades is a master of none. If you focus on everything, you will end up WITHOUT FOCUS on everything.

Those are the basic steps in a few words, but if you want to get more guidance on HOW to carry out these tasks (and the best and fastest way possible), this will be the best resource to launch your new blog …

We present our Launch Course of your Blog!

How to build and launch your successful blog with WordPress in 1 month or less, without any coding or without being a technology assistant, guaranteed!

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