Top 1 on Google in 6 Weeks

Top 1 on Google in 6 Weeks

We have been using Hyperlinks Control for a variety of our customers and one example of the achievements we have obtained with Hyperlinks Control Top 1 on Google in 6 Weeks. The look for phrases that we are focusing on for this customer are very aggressive and before using Hyperlinks Control we discovered that regardless of what we did certain look for phrases would only ever go as high as web page 2 or 3.

Top 1 on Google in 6 Weeks

We are now on the first web page of for every key word that we have rented links from Hyperlinks Control for such as Professional locksmith London, uk, Locksmith professionals London, uk, London, uk locksmiths, London, uk locksmith, London, uk Glazier, London, uk Glaziers, glazier London, uk and glaziers London, uk. We have also focused less common look for phrases but conditions that are very valuable to our customer should a proactive approach come from the just click such as locksmith Sort cruz where we have a variety 1 place.

We have done this by renting pretty inexpensive links and although we were on the first web page of Google before renting the weblink from Hyperlinks Control we are now in the variety 1 place on Google for this key word. We have recurring this procedure with a variety of regional look for phrases all of which have came back at least a top 3 place if not a variety 1. We have no doubt in suggesting Hyperlinks Control.

> How easily did you buy the links? How often?
We purchased backlinks over a 2-3 30 days interval and propagate out the purchasing of them weekly

> Did you buy only appropriate links or some of them were unrelated also?
All of backlinks we purchased were generally relevant

> What was the PR of your links?
The greater part of links were PR4 but they variety from PR2-PR5

> Where were back links placed (sidebars, footers, within the material, etc)?
Mainly sidebars

> How lengthy did you develop the links? During how many months?
2-3 months

> When have you seen the first position improvement?
Noticed the first enhancement after roughly 3 weeks

> Did you have any positions reduce during your campaign?
No, now they are on the first web page. There is activity sometimes 1 place up or down but I do not see this as a decrease

> Did you do any type of on-page marketing also?
Yes, all of the websites have been enhanced but this was done before backlinks being acquired

> How easily did you get to the Google Top 10?
On regular 6 weeks

> What things you would have done in a different way if you purchased back links for look for phrases now?
I wouldn’t do anything different, we have discovered the most ideal solution

Currently Mark has 37 effective backlinks for this venture and around 30% of them are directing not to the home-page, but to different inner websites of the web page. Each of these websites is focused and enhanced to its own keyword and key phrase. Obtaining backlinks for different websites of your web page (as well as following other suggestions in our 7 Actions Information of Getting to The Top 10 on Google) is a intelligent way of making your back-link information look organic to Google.

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