Buy PPC Traffic -Where You Can Buy Mobile Traffic?

How to use PPC networks to gain mobile traffic?
PPC is an advertising model in which the company pays a fee each time a user clicks on your ad. The advertiser must make an offer in the placement of the ad to see his ad in the top of the SERP and make it visible when someone enters the relevant keyword. The rate per click is variable and depends on the business niche.

Everyone has the opportunity to lower the price by creating high quality ads and making the right adjustments for their campaign. All adjustments and financial transactions are made within the personal account created on a certain platform (Google Ads, for example).

To make the campaign work and get the best PPC traffic, the creation of goals is required. It should be directed to a specific audience, identify the expected result and specify a budget plan. It is also necessary to track URLs and analyze other metrics to improve the campaign and reveal relevant or invalid keywords.

Buy PPC Traffic -Where You Can Buy Mobile Traffic?

Buy PPC Traffic

Buy PPC Traffic

Visitors that come from mobile devices are similar to other users. They only navigate differently, and that’s it.

That is why the traditional technique of using networks for PPC advertising is still an appropriate way to obtain high quality targeted traffic.

PPC traffic arbitration is also valid for mobile phones. You can choose a network to buy a relevant audience and sell it with significant income.

Publishers prefer traffic arbitrage due to the low investments required and their type of evergreens.

Mobile ad formats

As we have already mentioned, the quality and standard of the advertisement are crucial. Mobile traffic is of great importance for both brands and people, so everyone is looking for the best mobile ad format. However, such advertisements are not versatile, but are particularly appropriate for one or more niches. Let’s see some formats that could be very useful to attract visitors.

Interstitial ads

They usually cover the entire screen of your mobile device with a size of 320 × 480, 300 × 400 or 300 × 250 pixels. In 2019, most platforms offer interstitial ads that adapt to any screen size.

The interstitial ad appears when the user opens the page, navigates between the pages or applications. The dimensions of the ad allow displaying attractive images, interactive content, calls to action. One of its most popular locations is within the games between its levels. Interstitial demand professional design and a lot of creativity. Your CTR may not be very accurate, due to complicated closure.

Video ads

The expansion of mobile video ads is overwhelming and the trend continues to grow. The average duration of a video is 15 to 30 seconds. If it is longer, users will not see it until the end. In addition, the placement must be organic and natural to involve the user, but not force it to close the application. Video ads make the target audience focus on the ad and are the best format for brands that can spend a solid budget to produce videos.

Expandable ads

It is a mixture of interstitial and banners, and has a typical size of 320 × 50 pixels that increases to 320 × 480 pixels after a touch. Users tend to be more sympathetic to them than to redirects when advertisers try to take them to their websites. There is the option to close the ad, but users are often lost, which reduces the traffic actually directed.

Standard banner ads

Ads are created with the horizontal form and have a size of 320 x 50 or 300 x 50 pixels, and are accessible on all screens because they often respond. The banner can be static or animated and is affordable and easy to implement. Despite their popularity, they cause many irrelevant clicks that lead to a well-known “banner blindness” when people automatically lose the banners they might have been interested in.

Native ads

The ad is part of the content and does not capture the entire screen, but allows the user to browse the content and view the advertisement simultaneously. That’s why native ads are not intrusive, they relate to the article or other content and look like their component. This unique feature increases the CTR and reduces the bounce rate. However, this flexible format requires a lot of work to adapt the ads to a large number of variants.

There are many other types of mobile ads, such as reward video ads when people are rewarded for seeing the ad that increases the developer’s revenue. Rich Media ads include a lot of creativity and do their job when the developer wants to distinguish himself from his competitors. There are also specific ads for certain social networks: promoted accounts and trends promoted on Twitter, for example.

Mobile advertising networks: the top 10 mobile traffic lists to buy
Mobile advertising is divided into two categories: supply and demand. The first part includes publishers and online software solutions so they can run the advertising inventory. The second is a unified interface for placing ads in an editor’s inventory. PPC mobile networks develop as mediators between supply and demand. Today, let’s look at the main networks that manage the market.

Google ads

This network is the clear leader due to the high return on investment of its advertisers. In addition, the most recent changes allow for the implementation of a comprehensive mobile PPC campaign for companies of all sizes.

Mobile ads can appear on both tablets and phones. They can include text, images and be built with Google Web Designer. Within the application, it is possible the appearance of text and image ads, including ads for the promotion of video applications and responsive screen ads. Note that the call-only ad will not show on the tablet that can not be called.

Google AdWords has some requirements regarding the dimensions of the image: the appropriate sizes for smartphones and tablets are 320 × 50, 300 × 250, 336 × 280 and 300 × 250, 728 × 90, 468 × 60, 336 × 280 respectively. The average cost per click is $ 1 to $ 2. However, it could be a few cents in case of a high conversion or reach even $ 50 if the niche is very competitive.